Mountain Caribou

Tombstone Outfitters offers an abundant population of Mountain Caribou. We have over 90% success rate and have been fortunate enough that each season several trophies score well enough to make the record book. The majority of caribou harvested by our hunters will score over 360 B & C. We offer Caribou hunts as a specific 5 day or 10 day hunt from August 1st-October 15th, but they can also be harvested as a second animal in combination with sheep, moose or grizzly. The Caribou hunts are offered as a horseback hunt throughout the season but we have several areas that we can offer backpack hunts as well.

As per Yukon law, each hunter has a designated guide and unless otherwise requested there is only one hunter per camp. Tombstone offers a great mixed bag area and there is always an excellent chance of taking a second animal during a 10 day hunt. Tags for all the animals are included in the hunt price but harvest fees are extra for any additional animals harvested.

During August Bulls form small bachelor groups at high elevation in the mountains. The caribou start to lose velvet mid to late August. The Bulls are on the move during this time therefor be prepared to travel with a spike camp. In September the Bulls move lower and mix with the cows & calves. The rut begins in early September and on average each herd will contain a couple dozen cows and 3-4 mature Bulls.

The Boone and Crocket Club has mistakenly categorized all the caribou in our area as Barren Ground. In reality the local heard of Heart River caribou are Mountain Caribou. Their antler structure, body size, seasonal movements and DNA provide concrete evidence that they are Mountain Caribou.

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