Hunt Schedule & Prices

Dall/Fannin Sheep Hunts

10 days $23,000

Hunt dates: August 1-10, Aug 12-21, Aug 23-September 1

Add Caribou: $6,000 harvest fee Add moose:$14,000 harvest fee Wolf and wolverine $85.00 trophy fee.

Yukon Moose Hunts

10 Days $23,000.00

Hunt dates: September 3-12, September 14-23, September 25-October 4, October 6-15

Add Sheep: $14,000 Harvest Fee Add Caribou $6,000.00 harvest fee Add Grizzly  $7,000.00 (Male) $9,000.00 (Female) harvest fee 

Grizzly Bear Hunts

10 Days $16,000.00

Add moose:$14,000.00 harvest fee Add Caribou:$6,000.00 harvest fee

Mountain Caribou Hunts

10 Days $16,000.00  5   Days $9,000.00

Add moose:$14,000.00 harvest fee Add Grizzly  $7,000.00 (Male) $9,000.00 (Female) harvest fee

Barren Ground Caribou Hunts (The Porcupine Caribou Herd )

5 days $7000.00
On call hunt in October

21 Day Hunts All Species



  • Prices are a all included price. Licence,Tags,Trophy fee,Hunter preservation fund,Taxes and charter flights in the area.

  • Add black Bear to any hunt $2,500.00 harvest fee

  • Wolf or wolverine $85.00 trophy fee.

  • Harvest fees only apply when optional animals are taken or wounded.

  • Hunt prices are in US dollars

  • $450.00/Day for a non hunter to go along on the hunts.

  • Rifle rental is available for $50.00/day