Trail Riding


Take a guided horseback trail ride in the Tombstone Park. Available end of July until October. Overnight trips and day trips are available. Cost is $500/day per person with overnight trips available. To book a trip please email us.

  • Overnight Trips: $500/day per person
  • Day Trips: $250/day per person
  • Hour Rides: $75/hour per person

Horses are very experienced and used to inexperienced riders.

Groups of 2-4. Can discuss larger groups or different times depending on availability and time.


  • 275LB weight limit  
  • A guide will ride with you. 
  • 10:00AM start from Base camp (Km 90.5 on the Dempster) 
  • Trips are about 4-6 hrs. Ride out 2 hrs have lunch and ride back. 
  • Bring a lunch, rain gear, warm coat and a camera. 
  • Saddles have saddlebags for lunches and water bottles. 
  • Can tie coat on back of the saddle. 
  • Your welcome to bring a small day pack too.